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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: is 5.2 okay ?
Date Sat, 08 Jul 1995 10:49:15 GMT
   From: Rob Hartill <>
   Date: Fri, 7 Jul 95 17:42:17 MDT
   Precedence: bulk

   I just compiled 5.2 and plugged it in, but it's not working..

   It's failing to respond, error messages end up in the window
   I start the server from.

Bleah!  I may be able to wangle access to an HP-UX system to try to
figure this out over the weekend...

   Looks the same with 5.1.   Works okay with apache 0.7, so it can't be
   a config problem

And I'm not aware of any significant changes to http_main.c or
http_request.c between 0.4 and 0.5 which would account for something
like this.  (The only thing that changed seriously in http_main.c
from, say, 0.3 through 0.5.1 was adding the locking stuff, which
should be compiled in on HP-UX anyway). 

   compile flags..

	   c89 -Wall -DHPUX  -o httpd alloc.o http_main.o http_core.o http_config.o http_request.o
 http_log.o http_protocol.o util.o util_script.o modules.o mod_mime.o mod_access.o mod_alias.o
mod_cgi.o mod_include.o  mod_dir.o mod_auth.o mod_auth_dbm.o mod_negotiation.o mod_userdir.o
 mod_common_log.o -lndbm


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