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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject A few more Shambhala bugfixes...
Date Thu, 06 Jul 1995 13:54:44 GMT
...are in 0.5.2, which is pretty much exclusively a bugfix release.
That's (and yes,
I did check that it's really there this time!)

Changes with 0.5.2

  *) Changes to http_main.c --- root server no longer plays silly
     games with SIGCHLD, and so now detects and replaces dying
     children.  Child processes just die on SIGTERM, without taking
     the whole process group with them.  Potential problem --- if any
     child process refuses to die, we hang in restart.
     MaxRequestsPerChild may still not work, but it certainly works
     better than it did before this!

  *) mod_dir.c bug fixes from Mark Cox: ReadmeName and HeaderName
     work (or work better, at least); over-long description lines
     properly terminated.

  *) http_request.c now calls unescape_url() more places where it
     should, thanks to Paul Sutton.

  *) More directory handling bugs [reported by Cox, fixed here];
     Parent Directory link is now set correctly.

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