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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Shambhala
Date Mon, 03 Jul 1995 11:01:11 GMT
Bad boy Rob H sez:
> If everyone decides to abandon the current code base, then that's
> fine, but I just can't see it happening. We've seen how reluctant some
> people can be to switch from NCSA to Apache.
> Is Shambhala a drop in replacement binary for apache ?
> What are the feelings of all you people listening to this list ?
> rob
> --

I'd like whatever comes out of all this to be back-compatible with NCSA,
just because everybody's uncle's dog is writing applications now with
that server platform.  This doesn't mean that I want the core of the
server to be an NCSA 1.3 clone, I'm happy with just keeping the look
and feel of the thing, er, NCSAesque.

Shambala seems to be a good starting point for a new core for a server
with Apache's functionality [I just put shambala-4.4 on my FreeBSD 2.0.5
box with the minimum of fuss in porting, just a couple of 1 line changes].

The Apache 0.6 server is a huge improvement on NCSA 1.3 and is still
my preferred choise, er, cuz I'm basically a luddite.

The Apache 0.7 is a faster option, though there still seem to be some
doubts about it's efficacy on small systems where tons of processes
might cause a problem.  And am I right in thinking that the beast
needs to be SIGged every once in a while just to stop it eating
the kernel?!

[Anyway, I've finally got my home system sorted out so I'll be in a much
better position to mess about with server design rather than sit on the
fence twiddling my thumbs, trying to sound like I know what I'm
talking about.]


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