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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: Relative URLs with imagemap
Date Sun, 02 Jul 1995 18:59:28 GMT
   Date: Sun, 02 Jul 1995 17:48:32 -0500
   From: Randy Terbush <>

   And have an 'AddType application/x-httpd-imap imap' in srm.conf.

   When I select a URL with a *.imap HREF, the browser goes to save-as
   mode, and my imap_handler() appears to not be called.

It sounds like it's not finding the handler.

Hmmm... I take it you also added your module to the prelinked_modules
list in modules.c, so the server core can find it.  (If not, then
that's the problem).  The best way to try to figure out what's going
on might be to put a breakpoint on invoke_handler(), and see what it
does and where it gets lost.

(BTW, for anyone else who wants to start playing with this stuff, I
might as well mention that the easiest way to do this sort of thing is
to do a "gdb httpd", and then run it with the -X option.  That makes
it start up as it would normally, except that if it's set for
standalone operation, then it skips the forks, and you wind up with
the child_main loop running in the single process that the debugger
started.  You can then connect to it with the client of your choice,
setting breakpoints in the server itself and all that good stuff.

One caveat: if you try this, you'll find that the process sends
itself, and the other nonexistent processes in its group, a SIGHUP at
the start of standalone_main(); just continue through this (SIGHUP is
ignored at that point anyway), and you'll be fine).


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