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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Redirect in .htaccess files?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 1995 12:35:52 GMT
> This means having to do *something* about StartServers and MaxServers
> directives in peoples' NCSA 1.4 config files, or fail to be a drop-in
> replacement.  -1 on that.

Better to get them to configure it properly than have it misconfigured.

> If you want to have a StartServers parameter which means *exactly*

No, just a change of the existing names to make them obvious, and to
stop 1.4 users falling into a hole.

People on this list have shown that the names mislead and result in
misconfigured systems.

> To be blunt, I'm getting very frustrated with the whole tone of this
> discussion.  I thought we had an agreement to stop monkeying around,
> and get something out the door.  Very well then --- this is *not* the
> time to be doing design work!  

renaming is not redesining. It's a simple change that'd take a
couple of minutes. I think it is worth it.

> I thought that agreement to release something was firm enough that I
> told someone in public, a week ago, that we would have something out
> the door just about now.  At this point, I think I've broken that
> promise, and I don't feel very good at all about that.

I've done that too. This isn't the only thing that has held up the
release, so please don't blame it... 

> So, are we trying to get something out the door, or would we rather
> just dicker *indefinitely*?

We're talking about a 2 minute change to some *new* Apache config
variables.. that's all.

Keeping the existing names will cause more trouble that telling 1.4
users to switch to more meaningful ones. We never made it a policy
to stay in sync with 1.4, only 1.3.


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