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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Redirect in .htaccess files?
Date Wed, 26 Jul 1995 11:38:58 GMT
David R wrote,
> This is all way too complicated for the user. There only needs to be one
> parameter, which supplies the functionality of MaxServers, but is called
> something like FreeServers.

I've polled a few of the people on this list to find out what
they have for

StartServers and MaxServers

It's not just too complicated for users, it's too complicted for us. 
Everyone seems to have misconfigured these.

I've also looked at the NCSA blurb on the two, and they don't have the
same meaning as ours.

I vote  -1 on releasing 0.8.x with these two names, unless there's
a damn good reason to keep them.

As alternatives I'd suggest

StartServers ->  ServersToKeepReady
MaxServers   ->  ServerPoolSize

> With the apache model, having StartServers > 1 is a waste of time.

NCSA 1.4 users will have this far too high for Apache to drop in
and work efficiently.

Lots of us have or had it set to >>10, which is certainly a waste
of time. 
I lowered Cardiff's from 25 to 4 and it improved performance enormously.
For busy servers, I do think that StartServers >1 is useful, but
certainly not with that name.

> It's simpler to set FreeServers to 5 if you want 5 servers right away.
> I have yet to be convinced that AbsMaxServers is needed for load throttling,
> rather than relying on the limited CPU.

I'd like it, not for load throttling, but as a safety valve to stop
Apache overflowing the process table (our main server here has a small
process limit).

AbsMaxServers  ->  ForkSafetyMax

> So:
> * StartServers and AbsMAxServers are #defines, set to 1 and 100 (say)
>   respectively.

If our main server tried to fork 100 processes, it would have already
brought the whole machine to a grinding halt. #define'ing it just makes
it less accessible.

> * Rename MaxServers as FreeServers.

Yes !, rename MaxServers and StartServer. They need to be intuitive...
people don't expect to see documentation in CHANGES files. That's the only
source of real information on these settings I could find. Yes I'm lazy,
but no lazier than Joe Average web master.


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