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From Paul Richards <>
Subject new htpasswd
Date Wed, 26 Jul 1995 15:57:44 GMT
If anyone's thinking of writing a new htpasswd, then don't :-)

I've already written one but I'll spend another day cleaning it
up before passing it around. I could do with a few volunteers to
port it to non-4.4BSD systems though since I know of a few library
calls in 4.4 that I've used which are missing elsewhere.

They're really simple and can be replaced by fprintf's mostly.

1) file locking,
2) Requesting existing passwd before changing old.
3) Check for default password files in the following order
	i) Specified explicitly on the command line
	ii) A local passwd file i.e. in current directory
	iii) A default global passwd file -- I'd like some standard
		 Apache place for this, like the server-root/htpasswd ?
4) Changes the users passwd and checks authrity to change someone elses

Umm, on point 4). How exactly should this be done? I can just require too
access like a normal passwd changer but that's a bit excessive since you'd
want non-root www admins to be able to mess with the passwords.

Some of the above features I'm still working on obviously :-)

  Paul Richards, Bluebird Computer Systems. FreeBSD core team member. 
  Phone: 0370 462071 (Mobile), +44 1222 457651 (home)

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