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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Redirect in .htaccess files?
Date Tue, 25 Jul 1995 14:06:47 GMT

> However, I am somewhat loath to let people set AbsMaxServers (or
> whatever) to 7 and think they've done themselves a favor.  As it is,
> they've still got the source code, and they can screw themselves if
> they really want to, but we haven't made it easy for them.

I though it was the government's job to protect people from themselves ?

Anyway, it was this protection from ourselves which caused the process table
on our main server to overflow the other day when a disk went bad, and
Apache 0.8.2 spawned away as fast as it could.

We know that we don't need more than 25 children running at any time for
the load we get here (20k /day). I know the risks, and don't need my
hand held.

I could just as easily screw myself by setting MaxRequestsPerChild to 1
and StartServers/MaxServers to 1, but there's no guardian angel to save
me there.

Whatever hard-coded limit we choose, it'll be too high for some
and too low for others, and most people won't even think about (or
want to) recompile Apache to change this.

The term "MaxServers" is crazy in the current setup (maybe with NCSA too) -
it defines some *lower* limit of the number of children to keep active, not
an upper limit.

Ship 0.8.x as it is, but doesn't this need some attention ?, and if so,
any likely changes should be noted in the config files and documentation,
so that people realise that the meanings of some variables are expected to


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