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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: 2 bugs in 0.8.1
Date Fri, 21 Jul 1995 12:58:49 GMT
> > A problem, but a separate problem --- "lots of spaces" could actually
> > be legit (if not with the standard auth modules, then certainly with
> > someone's custom job).  This is a bug with the CLF spec itself, I'm
> > afraid. 
> Wasn't someone here writing a custom logger back in the Apache 0.6 days?
> Give a field for everything that could possibly be logged and then let people
> keep it as CLR of fiddle

I've made quite a bit of noise about it... :-)

Actually, turning from the Shambhala/Apache thing, I am under the gun
to have something working by August 1.  I may hack first and ask questions

Didn't you (Mark Cox) suggest a set of tokens that were common to zsh
or something.

I actually sat down with this a bit last night and tried to hook the new
"|/somelogger" feature into Postgres.  It's almost too *scary* to commit
to....  One failed attempt at logging to the database and my logger is
dead.  Trying to think of how this could be a little more robust, I am
begininning to think that it would be worth taking the time to create
a logging module that can handle the transaction directly with the 
database, which probably requires that the module can also queue request
if the database gets backlogged or worse.

I really want to put this stuff in a database, and may do it by hand
in the interim while sorting out these issues.

Any ideas on the queuing aspect?


Hmmm - In closing the thought occurs to me that handling the file format
in Apache and using an external logger to snarf in the file and feed
it to the database is probably *much* easier to juggle than the memory
to "queue" the log info.  If someone can give some closure on a token
syntax, I am hot to try to get this working....

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