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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Stuff for 0.8.2...
Date Wed, 19 Jul 1995 14:06:17 GMT
> This is a note about what's in my current development sandbox.  I'm
> not shipping this yet, because it includes a few items on which I'm
> not sure we've reached closure.  Specifically --- I've included
> Florent's AddLanguage code.  By the old Apache voting rules, we need
> three votes and no vetoes for this.  I want it, I presume Florent
> wants it, and the most serious objections have been devil's advocacy,
> but still to be formal about it, given that there has been
> controversy, I think we need one more vote.

I'll +1 this. My only comment is that I would prefer to see
the current negotiation code get the ability to glob filenames.

> Other things of special note, about which reasonable people might
> disagree: Due to the lack of objection (or any comment at all), I've
> propagated the Berkeley legal disclaimer through the license copies in
> the source code.  Also, now that we have an optional module mechanism,
> I've added Mark Cox's cookie-click-trace code, commented out in the
> default Configuration and noted there as an experiment on a par with
> mod_dld.

+1 on the new verbage.

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