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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: mod_imap
Date Mon, 17 Jul 1995 00:52:22 GMT
> Randy writes:
> >Regarding changes that Roy requested, I am not going to do
> >this for this release.  The one "major" change that this
> >requires is parsing the entire mapfile "if I understand the
> >feature correctly, which I may not.".
 [deleted implementation ideas]

My initial understanding of this feature would be to add an HTML
atribute to each map entry that would automagically be displayed
along with the image for those who do not autoload images. Anyway,
these features will need to be in the next release.

> >I am off to try one more change that will munge a relative path
> >to remove the ../ from the Location: header.

> I am probably missing something here -- why does it have a ../?
> The Location header cannot be relative.  Be careful not to unmunge
> it into a non-served location.
>  ....Roy

:-)  Probably because of a bug/feature of my doing relative URLs
in the mapfile.  Anyway, it is fixed in the new version.

mod_imap is ready for some public testing.  I have added the following
config parameters based on RobT's suggestions.

base_uri [ map | referer | /somebasepath ]

map - access map-relative url
referer - access referer-relative url
/path - allows setting base for all entries in the mapfile.

You may now also have relative map urls.
ie. rect ../../index.html 0,80 80,80
There is a known bug that prevents you from doing ../../ with a trailing

There is *no* need for imagemap.conf.  Simply name the imagemap file with
a .imap extension and away you go.

Mail me if you can test this a bit and I will send you a copy.


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