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From "Sean N. Welch" <>
Subject Re: Apache 0.8?
Date Sun, 16 Jul 1995 17:23:21 GMT
> Hmmm... HotWired still calls itself Apache 0.6.1 when I ask, but it
> may be lying.  (I hope so --- it would be nice to know it's been
> tested on Irix).

HotWired was running Shambhala all day Friday, with no problems 
until it came time to stop the server and rotate the logs.  One 
of the local maintenance scripts broke at midnight, so I had to
fix things at 2 am.  Since there were two things that had changed
recently (the script in question and the server), I put them both
back to what they had been earlier in the week and went to bed.

Yesterday I figured out it was the script and not Shambhala that
had problems, so I'll be swapping Shambhala back in when I get
into the office this afternoon.


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