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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Apache 0.8?
Date Sun, 16 Jul 1995 03:48:23 GMT
> Are there any other changes to the documentation on that 
> we should do before the official release of 0.8 next week?  I have 
> Shambhala running on hyperreal now and have seen no problem with it -
> it's also on Organic, HotWired, and now, dishing up a million 
> hits yesterday between all of us without a noticeable problem.  I also 
> wrote to the webmaster at asking him if he'd consider 
> switching to shambhala :) 

Assuming we put the mod_imap in this release, I need to document some
of the addtions.

> RobT, if there's any release engineering you'd rather not do, let me know 
> and I can finish it up.  How does everyone feel about a monday morning 
> release?  

I am testing my changes to add the 'base_uri' field that RobT suggested.
I *may* get the changes in that Roy suggested, but since it is getting
down to the wire, it may be safer not to.


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