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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Pragma: no-cahce Roy ?
Date Thu, 13 Jul 1995 13:31:40 GMT

One of the Netscape browser developers has dismissed my complaint
that it is impossible to get a true reload because Netscape always
sends "if-modified-since", the reason is this...

In addition to the "i-m-s", Netscape also sends "Pragma: no-cache"
which he says should be read by the client as a "gimme a fresh copy"
He therefore blaims servers for this Netscape problem.

I looked at the HTTP spec again, and to me, "Pragma: no-cache" is
intended for intermediate servers and proxy caches in particular.
The spec isn't specific as to whether the end server should take any
notice of the "Pragma: no-cache".
If the end-server is supposed to act on "Pragma: no-cache", we need
to add this to Apache.

Either way, Netscape sending *both* "Pragma: no-cache" and 
"if-modified-since" is wrong (if the above behaviour was what 
they expected - I don't beleive they did). This is the root 
of the problem.


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