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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: New Shambhala spin [just bugfixes]
Date Thu, 13 Jul 1995 08:47:02 GMT

Rob T writes,
>   *) Reordered modules in modules.c so that Redirect takes priority
>      over ScriptAlias, for NCSA bug-compatibility [Rob Hartill] ---
>      believe it or not, he has an actual site with a ScriptAlias and
>      a Redirect declared for the *exact same directory*.  Even *my*
>      compatibility fetish wouldn't motivate me to fix this if the fix
>      required any effort, but it doesn't, so what the hey.

The sys-admin at Cardiff wanted to redirect lots of resources to
another server. He added Redirect, and it worked as expected. I can't
see why this strikes you as being so strange or unusual. It sounds like
a perfectly reasonable thing to want to do, and expect to work.

People wanting temporary redirects will probably do this all the time.
Why force people to comment out the aliases ? it just makes it a
potential trap for unsuspecting webamasters when they decide to remove 
the Redirect but forget to uncomment the Alias. 


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