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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Redirect problem
Date Wed, 12 Jul 1995 17:16:45 GMT
In reply to Robert S. Thau who said
> Hmmm... this is difficult in a Shambhala-style modular framework
> because there cannot be a single configuration data structure which
> can be consistency-checked as a whole --- instead, there are a group
> of modules, each of which does translation on certain URIs, and the
> user is free to add more at any time.  (This is the whole point of
> having an API in the first place).

Not that hard to solve. If the configuration syntax is suitable you
load in the module when the parser detects that one's needed. The 
assumes we have some form of dld available though. 

> In fact, even with the standard module set, filename translation is
> split between three different modules --- the CGI module handles
> ScriptAlias, while the alias module handles plain Alias (and
> Redirect), and the UserDir module handles /~ stuff.

I'm not sure the module segregation is the most appropriate. I've
just grabbed shambala 6.0 so I'll gradually work my way through the

  Paul Richards, Bluebird Computer Systems. FreeBSD core team member. 
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