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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Redirect problem
Date Wed, 12 Jul 1995 10:58:57 GMT
In reply to Brian Behlendorf who said
> Isn't this a matter of parsing order?  I.e., is shambala expanding *all* 
> ScriptAlias directives before Redirects, or is it simply the case that 
> because the ScriptAlias came after the Redirect for the same resource, 
> the latter had precedence?

Hmm, needs some thought this since I can see merit in a number of
different ways to go.

1) Parse all redirects first
	-- Gets the client off your server asap.
2) Parse aliases first, you can have a redirect for a particalar
   page and any other pages that are aliased to that area will follow
   the redirect.
3) Parse them in the order they occur in the config file, gives the
   admin free reign.


1, and 2 need more intelligent parsers that scan the whole file
before doing anything.

3, needs the sanity checks I mentioned in my previous mail.

Re-writing the parser is a good idea, there are lots of things we can
check and warn about (or even fix) at startup if we had an overview
of the complete configuration, rather than dealing with it line
by line.

I'll even volunteer to write a new parser and sort out a decent config
language while I'm at it. We can leave the old parser code there for now and
select which parser to  use from looking at the configuration files and
determining which one to use. That would allow us to maintain backward
compatibilty with NSCA config files but develop our own layout and
format in parallel. Easy to do, just need to find the time :-)

  Paul Richards, Bluebird Computer Systems. FreeBSD core team member. 
  Phone: 0370 462071 (Mobile), +44 1222 457651 (home)

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