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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject authentication algorithm
Date Mon, 10 Jul 1995 14:59:36 GMT

Is it possible to have authentication based on a simple algorithm ?

Here's the scenario,

We have some URLs which can ultimately point to,
   a) some "old" info
   b) some "new" info

The new info needs to be accessible only by the author of the info
(or www admin). Authors get emailed a "key" (password) to unlcok the

We don't want to setup a database of passwords, we just need a simple
system whereby the author can be asked for a "name and password" and
an unpublished algorithm checks that the password matches the name.

If that's no clear, here's an example...
  password =  name + 1    (e.g.   abcdef -> bcdefg)

Can it be done ? if not it might be worth finding a way 
to get Apache to do it.


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