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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Rob's HP-UX problems...
Date Sun, 09 Jul 1995 18:19:12 GMT
> Oooooooooops... this fixes it here 

here too.

> (with this, and a replacement
> userdir module to accomodate local conventions, it runs fine on the HP
> webserver downstairs).
> (An observation --- I had much better luck compiling with 'gcc' for
> debugging than compiling with 'c89'.  It's possible that the people
> downstairs just hasn't paid the extra dough which the man page claims
> is required to get a vendor compiler with a working -g option, but
> there could also be some fight over stabs formats going on between the
> GNU suite and the vendor stuff...).

We recently forked out $1400 (minus the 90% academic discount :-) to
install the compiler properly.
The HP compiler produces smaller binaries.

However, someone recently said to me, "gdb doesn't work properly
on the HP", so there's that possibility too.

There be snow in them there hills... well it resembles ice more than
snow, but even in Southern parts of Colorado, and as low as 11,000 feet
there's still snow to be found... and with all that melting snow and all
this heat, the waterfalls were very refreshing... So that's what weekends 
are for !


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