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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Possible work this weekend...
Date Sat, 08 Jul 1995 00:52:21 GMT
> OK, last call for the first release....
>    Your proposed changes all seem fine, and
>    if a code freeze on the API is in effect this weekend, we can all
>    hammer the hell out of it early next week, with a target
>    announcement date of next Thursday?
> Hmmm..... there are two things I'd like to see for a public release
> --- a little more cross-platform testing (so far, we have SunOS, BSDi,
> NetBSD, FreeBSD, what else?), and some sort of config script, however
> crude, which would rewrite the Makefile and modules.c as appropriate
> to allow people to slot in and take out optional modules.  If that's
> all in place, and if I get all the work done this weekend, the
> schedule sounds doable...
> rst

I agree that this thing seems very close to release quality with
exception of the problems that RobH seems to be seeing on HPsUX.
5.2 seems to be running fine on NetBSD and SunOS for me.

One thing on my wish list before the release would be to get
the logging system worked over.  I have a start on this,
but will probably muddle through the weekend to get the
configurability that we have all asked for. Has anyone else
started looking at this end of the horse?

As for the crude config script... I suppose that can't be written
in perl....

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