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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Apache LICENSE (fwd)
Date Wed, 05 Jul 1995 22:06:12 GMT
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> From  Mon Jul  3 16:10:24 1995
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> Date: Mon, 3 Jul 95 16:04 PDT
> From: Daniel Quinlan <>
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> Subject: Apache LICENSE
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> Hello.
> This message is regarding the LICENSE that appears with the Apache 0.6.5
> distribution.
> My employer company, Yggdrasil Computing, distributes a free version of
> the Linux operating system on CD-ROM.  All of the software that we include
> is free, meaning that source code is included and that (excessive)
> restrictions are not made on the modification, use, or sale of the
> software.
> > Permission is hereby granted to anyone to redistribute Apache under the
> > "Apache" name. We do not grant permission for the resale of Apache, but
> > we do grant permission for vendors to bundle Apache free with other
> > software, or to charge a reasonable price for redistribution, provided
> > it is made clear that Apache is free. Permission is also granted for
> > vendors to sell support for for Apache. We explicitly forbid the
> > redistribution of Apache under any other name.
> Unfortunately, the stipulation that we may only charge a "reasonable
> price" or distribute it with other software is somewhat outside of the
> range of software copying terms that our policy permits us support, test,
> and sell.  I'm writing to ask if that could be changed since we are
> considering replacing NCSA httpd with the Apache server, but cannot do so
> under the current license.
> I understand the intent behind the Apache license, but I feel that other
> licenses may do a better job of legally protecting the Apache Group and
> keep the price low.  One license that would accomplish the same goal is
> the GNU General Public License, which also prevents proprietary extensions
> of software from becoming not free.
> Would it be possible to alter the license in future revisions to clarify
> the license and/or remove the "reasonable price" restriction?  Yggdrasil's
> prices are *very* reasonable, but not because we distribute software that
> has "reasonable price" restrictions -- it's because we have lots of
> competitors due to the extent to which the GPL and similar licenses are
> used by the Linux community.
> Other notes on the license:
> > Reuse of "Apache Group" code outside of the Apache distribution should
> > be acknowledged with the following quoted text, to be included with any
> > new work;
> I'm no lawyer, but I am almost certain that "should" has no firm legal
> meaning.
> You might also want to make use of a more well-tested legal disclaimer
> paragraph, such as the one used by the GNU GPL or BSD software.
> Regards,
>  Dan
> --
>         Member of the League for Programming Freedom

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