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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Shambhala Modules Musings [network wizard advice sought at bottom]
Date Mon, 03 Jul 1995 18:15:17 GMT

> >    Now might also be a good time to encourage the omission of "." from
> >    the extensions... it'll mean a slight divergence from what's allowed
> >    in 1.3, but the "." isn't supposed to be there... a well worded warning
> >    message would probably suffice.
> > 
> > I'm not sure how you conclude what is or isn't "supposed" to exist in
> > these cases, but the '.'s *do* exist in a lot of places, and the cost
> > of skipping over them if they are present is essentially zero.
> The NCSA documentation. I think Randy looked it up at some point.
> True, they don't cause any real problems, other than confusing people
> as to what the config file options actually do. By having a warning, it
> should encourage existing users to clean up their conf files, that way
> they don't end up advising others of the incorrect syntax.. which is what
> has happened so far with AddType.

I do recall looking this up in the mime references we have linked into
the "library".  It did not demand the ommision, but seemed to indicate
that the proper syntax is sans '.'.  I don't know if it is work breaking
the server for.  At about shambhala2, this was the behavior, and failed
on an old config file on my test machine....

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