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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Apache 0.7: too many processes
Date Tue, 27 Jun 1995 14:51:00 GMT
>Okay, how about 2 config setting, X, Y
>if after X seconds of writing to the client and at the current rate
>it looks like taking > Y seconds to send the rest, then signal the parent
>with a "replace me".
>I'd set X and Y to 15 seconds as a first attempt.

This does allow the number of servers to temporarily grow, but it doesn't
really allow for automatic setting of the number of daemons (or X and Y).

Let connection rate be r, connection time t

A simple dynamical system:
 create processes at a rate of 1/N * (r + 1/t )
 processes die after N*t

Or, a similar system with possibly a better initial response time:
 if no processes are blocked in accept, then create a new process, up to
 a maximum creation rate cmax
 processes die after N*t

Both these should have a typical number of processes of rt + 1, with each
process typically handling N connections.
The second process limits the number of processes to N.cmax.t; so cmax could
be set to nmax/(Nt)


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