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From (David Robinson)
Subject Apache 0.7: too many processes
Date Mon, 26 Jun 1995 15:29:00 GMT
I've had a quick look at apache 0.7, and it sees to suffer from a major
design flaw, namely that it always starts up a fixed number of processes.

This would be a pretty major disincentive for a low-use site to run apache.
Running tens of daemons is very wasteful on swap space and kernel resources,
and will put off sys admins. But a 0.7 server with a small number of daemons
(5, say) would probably provide an inferior service to a 0.6 server.
All it would take is one netscape user to access a page with a few inline
images, and your site is saturated.

So I would suggest that is is essential that apache adapt the number of
daemons to the varying connection load.


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