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From (Roy Hooper)
Subject Introducing myself
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 17:16:11 GMT

Who am I?

How did I find this list?

Blame Ay (andrew wilson).  I got talking to him some time back about how NT
lacks any kind of decent PD web server.  Or even and decent web server. 
Then I got talking about how NT does have a bit of POSIX in it's blood and
threads and a really decent sockets library (you'd be surprised how easy it
should be to port the networking code).  That, and I have MSVC++ 2.0 (Needed
for 32-bit applications).

There are of course lots of things to be done to port Apache to NT, but, to
my surprise, most of it seems to be small things so far.

One thing I did notice is that Apache is really stubborn on being a
UNIX-only server in it's design.  (So is NCSA), but then again, can anyone
read the code for CERN?

The question is, how bad of an idea is porting apache to NT?  This obviously
needs some discussion as to whether future plans will work on NT or not.


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