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From (Roy Hooper)
Subject please subscribe me
Date Wed, 07 Jun 1995 19:47:18 GMT
|Hi Roy,
|        so send a 'please subscribe me' message to
|traffic is high, approx 50 e-mail per week from 4 or five people, more
|when a controversial subject comes up, as more people get dragged into
|the conversation.  There's about 30 people on the list.
|history lesson:  There are 2 apache's right now being developed atta same
|        0.6.5 is the official one and 0.7.+ is the non-forking one (being
|        primed for multithreading at the moment, lots of thread safe code
|        being looked at)

My apologies for the odd quoting format, i pasted from MOO to email.

(Andrew Wilson) Networker thinks I belong on the list - NT port and an issue
regarding HTTP/1.0 spec.


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