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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: Telescope (fwd)
Date Thu, 01 Jun 1995 08:24:32 GMT
I've not had a chance to check this out yet (I've only just got back).  I
saw something similar mentioned on news too.  I've had no problems myself
with dynamic generated GIF's and Apache.

Mark J Cox, -- URL:
University of Bradford, England ---------- tel +44.1274.384070/fax 391333

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Date: Wed, 31 May 95 13:38:00 PDT
From: Bill Radcliffe <>
To: Mark J Cox <>
Subject: Re: Telescope

Thanks you very much for your response. I am working with the latest Apache 
release now and have found only one flaw that makes it unusable to me. I am 
creating HTML pages that contain many INLINE IMG refereces using CGI scripts 
to produce the image. The images that are produced are between 20 and 45k in 
size (JPEG format).  The images are either truncated or corrupted somewhere 
during the whole process.  This ocurred in the NCSA 1.3 release as well - so 
it is nothing you guys have done. The interesting thing is that the NCSA 1.4 
release WORKS. I have examined the code very closely and do not see where 
the difference is. The code has not changed very much execept that Apache 
seems to have done some major rewriting of the Alias handling code. I looked 
extensively at "send_fd" which had a minor bug fix in NCSA 1.4.   I also 
disabled all of the multiple child stuff in NCSA and limited it to a single 
httpd process. This did not make a difference.

The only real difference I can see is the during "send_fd", the reads always 
happen in 8k chunks, but the write are occasionaly broken up into smaller 
chunks. This seems to be where my problem happens. In Apache the written 
chunks are strange sizes like 4003 and then the rest  of the 8K. In NCSA the 
chunks seemed to be broken into equal 4K chunks. I don't have a cluse why 
this is. Any ideas?

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