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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject found it!
Date Wed, 21 Jun 1995 04:54:18 GMT

Okay, file desciptors leak when

a) the parent is sent a kill -HUP, and the children respawn - there is 
suddenly another fd pointing to the main access log in each child.  I 
have cron send a kill -HUP to the parent every 15 minutes to refresh the 
children - over time (like clockwork! :) this was increasing the number 
of fd's.  Only kill -9 on the parent frees these.

b) a connection is "lost" - in netscape, this when one page is being 
accessed and you jump to another page before it's loading.  Netscape must 
do a different type of disconnect in this circumstance than when you hit 
the stop button, which doesn't cause an fd leak.

The first is the most important one to squish.  I'll try looking for 
that, hopefully someone who knows the code better will beat me to it :)


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