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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: 0.7.2k and an idea
Date Mon, 19 Jun 1995 23:23:28 GMT
On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:
> > Sounds simple, but doesn't that require reading and parsing "" 
> > for every response?  Even with everything cached, it sounds like a 
> > strain.  Why is having the link point to a basename and doing globbing on 
> > file extension less elegant?
> if you mean changing my links from  foo.html to foo, then that can
> be part of the plan, however, there are potentially thousands of links
> from other sites all pointing at foo.html  
> If all I have is a foo.shtml file, then a request for foo.html will
> return a 'not found' response... which isn't much good here.

Agreed... the "if file.html isn't found, try file.shtml" hack is starting 
to look nicer these days.

If we were in the let's-take-a-larger-view mood, I might opine that the 
real problem is the lack of being able to attach meta-information to a 
file/directory external to that file/directory.  This is something that 
WN handles really well, and I remember hearing about a ".meta" file type 
in CERN, but is lacking in the NCSA/Apache/Netsite model.  Many parts of 
our model deal with it - .asis files, .htaccess files, etc - but 
something more unified and straightforward would be nice.  Even if it 
meant an extra file parse per access, as a "" would.  This way, 
if the meta-info file had "Content-type: text/x-server-parsed-html" in 
it, the server could parse it for includes.  

Perhaps another way to accomplish this given the current framework woudld 
be to have apache parse .asis files for Content-type and then act upon 
them if it sees any magic mime types.  Would sort of hurt the efficiency 
of asis files, but since that's the cleanest way we have of attaching 
metainfo right now anyways.....


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