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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Oooo
Date Mon, 12 Jun 1995 06:28:38 GMT
On Sun, 11 Jun 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:
> Brian, that's a nice fast server you have running on   ;-)
> It might be the placebo effect, but the thing feels really responsive,
> almost as if it were coming from my local machine.

Couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic so I quickly checked, 
thankfully you weren't :)

A couple of problems:

  on, when things slow down sometimes eve completely killing
    and restarting the daemon doesn't speed things up.  I think in that case
    it's the BSDI tcp/ip code that's at fault (connections stored as linked
    lists instead of hash tables as in SysV).  This isn't a problem with
    apache, but might be something to be aware of... Anyone else out there
    seen this with BSD?  This comes about after a couple hours of pretty 
    steady 5 hits/second traffic (and the pages are pretty much all cached
    in memory)

  on hyperreal, I've seen a couple cases of 0.7.2 doing what its 0.6.x 
    brethren did before, which was run away with the CPU at times.  I
    did a ktrace, though, and there were no system calls being made -
    which leads me to think that it's a runaway CGI script causing this
    problem.  As soon as we can get the requested-URI in argv I'll
    be able to tell for sure :)

	All in all, though, I think we'll have something ready for public 
consumption very soon.


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