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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: non-forking wish list
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 17:19:52 GMT
On Thu, 8 Jun 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:
>    From: Brian Behlendorf <>
>    It would be very very helpful for administrators if 0.7.x could put some 
>    information in argv, so we could see the state of individual children 
>    using "ps".  This was talked about before but I forget what the 
>    conclusion was.  Just something as simple as the URI being accessed or 
>    "idle" if not serving anything would be really good.
> Unfortunately, the NCSA 1.4.1 code which does this ain't portable
> (well, it runs everywhere, but the effects vary greatly, and aren't
> always pleasant).

What are the unpleasant side-effects?  And could this be made a per-OS
#define?  I just get a hunch that it would be really helpful - for 
example when connections are slow to a 30-child server yet netstat -a 
only shows 15 connections "established".... hmmm....

>    Pipe dream warning: Ideally I could see a graphical interface which has 
>    little progress bars for each child, with xfer rates, total file size, 
>    and % delivered, and maybe even a representation of the queue, etc.  Or 
>    maybe I've just been using gr_osview too much....
> Hmmm... pipe dream warning II:  one way to support this would be to
> support some form of a status request, perhaps along the lines of:
>    SERVER_STATUS peformance-stats Apache-internal/0.8.x
> or
>    SERVER_STATUS requests-in-process Apache-internal/0.8.x
> and have the graphical front-end, or whatever, periodically make these
> requests.  Naturally, you'd want some form of very strict, presumably
> IP-address-authenticated, access control on these...

Hmm - I don't like the idea of making these HTTP requests.  It introduces a
variant of that quantum physics uncertainty principle - by observing an
object, you change it....


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