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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: 0.7.2b
Date Wed, 07 Jun 1995 23:59:13 GMT
On Wed, 7 Jun 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:
> > Given that that works as advertised, I still think the error code response
> > should be entirely up to the CGI script w/r/t
> > last-modified/if-modified-since.
> If the script tells apache, "this hasn't been modified since X", 
> apache can easily compare X with an if-modified-since and
> stop the CGI process immediately. Under what conditions would
> this be a bad idea ?

Killing scripts before they're done is in general bad, but I suppose that 
happens anyways.  

Beyond that, a script's ability to find out if any of the modules it uses 
to render a document are older than date X is usually much quicker 
than the rendering itself.  I suppose your proposal doesn't give these 
kinds of scripts any grief, so whatever... it just seems odd that a CGI 
script smart enough to return Last-Modified couldn't be smart enough to 

Whatever happened to the CGI spec?  This could/should be a part of that.


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