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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject apache 0.7.1 and virtualhost problems
Date Tue, 06 Jun 1995 08:51:34 GMT

Oy - tried setting up 0.7.1 on hyperreal and ran into a snag with 
virtual hosts.  At first all was well, returned 
hyperreal's home page and apache's home page, but 
when I went back to I got the apache home page, but 
with a couple inlined missing (with half the requests being registered as 
hits to and the other half hits to  
I went back to, that worked fine, then back to and now everything looked and worked like

My analysis is that some global variable in the virtual host code gets set 
with the idea that this is a forking server, and when the first request 
for each child comes through the IP number, that global is 
set to and doesn't change back.  DocumentRoot, maybe?

There is a short-term solution, though - set a VirtualHost directive for 
the *real* host.  For example, I didn't have a VirtualHost setup for, but now I do, and it all works.  So, those of you out 
there with VH code knowlege, we need to fix this, and at least document 
it now.

Now to try installing this on


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