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From Andy Polyakov <>
Subject new icons aren't gorgeous
Date Mon, 26 Jun 1995 12:00:52 GMT
Hi, everybody!

The new gif icons shipped with Apache don't look nice in Netscape
running against 256 colors screen, when the browser has to dither some
colors. Workaround is to use "magic" colors Netscape preallocates for
color inline images. Then some of the new icons are almost
incomprehensible on black and white screens, because too much hues of
gray are used. I've produced new color tuned set, which is available
from my place as I've
also made them a bit smaller (20x22 against 24x24) and added some extra
ones (postscript, tex, patch, etc.). Original copyright note is
retained for those which were there before. Pick it up if you like...


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