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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: 0.7.2k and an idea
Date Tue, 20 Jun 1995 14:07:39 GMT
   From: Randy Terbush <>

   I also wanted to add to that last Email that I strongly discourage
   the use of the WN/GN model.  I had to deal with these .cache files
   in my micro-novice days (couple of months ago) and quickly ditched
   GN in favor of a more managable approach.

It always looked to me like being *far* more trouble than it's worth,
but a lot of people in the Gopher world swear by it, even going so far
to say how unmanageable it is to put stuff up on a Web server than it
is on a Gopher server because the web servers don't support all that

(I've always assumed that what's really going on is that these people
have a massive investment in scripts to maintain and generate menu and
cache files, and don't want to either ditch it all, or rewrite it from
nearly scratch to generate HTML <ul>s instead of the menu files.  But,
de gustibus).


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