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From (Elizabeth Frank)
Subject Australian SSL (was Re: New Member - David Hughes)
Date Fri, 09 Jun 1995 14:43:11 GMT
We were planning on using the Australian implementation of
SSL in NCSA httpd 1.5.  Unfortunately, we found that even
thought it is a completely independant implementation, it
can not be used in the USA without violating an RSA patent.
I believe the group is working on a version which uses rsaref,
which is in the public domain.  We're hoping to use that when
it is released.

		Elizabeth (Beth) Frank
		Technical Manager - NCSA httpd Development Team

On Jun 8,  9:26pm, Randy Terbush wrote:
} Subject: New Member - David Hughes
 > The following is the response I received from David Hughes in
 > answer to his offer of help to the Apache group.  If no one
 > else is opposed, I will send him a "how to subscribe" message.
 > David is the author of the mSQL database package.
 > ------- Forwarded Message
 > From: "David J. Hughes" <>
 > To: Randy Terbush <>
 > Subject: Re: Msql and Apache
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 > On Thu, 8 Jun 1995, Randy Terbush wrote:
 > A couple of other things.  A couple of friends of mine have implemented
 > SSL and have provided patches for ncsa httpd, telnet and ftp.  They are
 > currently working on an RSA (or MCC) signed key and then it'll work in
 > secure mode with netscape browsers.  I've talked to them about apache and
 > they like the idea.  Their SSL implementation is available on
 > in /pub/Crypto (it's pretty early but is looking good - telnet and ftp are
 > done and working well).  If you guys want to talk to them you can get 
 > them as and
 > If you are looking for an Australian mirror site to ease the load (and 
 > reduce the load on our international link) let me know.  I'd be happy to 
 > add it to our archive.
 > > Thanks again for your offer. I look forward to exchanging ideas
 > > on how to integrate SQL and HTTP.
 > Not a problem.  I look forward to it.
 > Bambi
 > ...
 > ------- End of Forwarded Message
}-- End of excerpt from Randy Terbush

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