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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject 0.7.1 installed at the AI lab...
Date Sat, 03 Jun 1995 13:45:03 GMT
My usual round of preinstallation checks did find one bug in includes
processing, which causes a core dump when an SSI document tries to set
the time format.  Here's the fix (it's a fairly straightforward typo):

<             replace_env_str(env, "DATE_LOCAL", ht_time(date,tf,0), out);
<             replace_env_str(env, "DATE_GMT", ht_time(date,tf,1), out);
<             replace_env_str(env, "LAST_MODIFIED", ht_time(lm,tf,0), out);
>             replace_env_str(request, env,"DATE_LOCAL", ht_time(date,tf,0),out);
>             replace_env_str(request, env,"DATE_GMT", ht_time(date,tf,1), out);
>             replace_env_str(request, env,"LAST_MODIFIED",ht_time(lm,tf,0),out);

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