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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Shambhala
Date Fri, 30 Jun 1995 16:48:01 GMT
> Apologies for using short names, (robh = Rob Hartill, rst = Rob Thau).
> On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Rob Hartill wrote:
> > Is Shambhala a drop in replacement binary for apache ?
> I think that's rst's design, yes.  

Hmm, I think were going to have to put this down to lack of
communication on the list. Had I known a month ago what I know now,
I certainly wouldn't have done all that work on 0.7.x.

Maybe it was rst's choice of phrases, such as "garage project" and
it having a different name, maybe I didn't read his mailings 
thoroughly enough, maybe they weren't explicit enough, 
whatever.. I did not follow what rst was up to. I certainly didn't 
realise it was a reworked but functionally compatible
NCSA type server (if I worded that badly, I hope you know what I was
trying to say).

It's a shame that nobody using Shambhala (who must have realised
what was going on) didn't raise these issues weeks ago. I can only
presume that rst was too modest to push Shambhala, or at least
discussion of it, onto use more vigourously.

I remember saying words to the effect of "this is what I plan to 
do, stop me if you think this isn't a good idea". Why the hell didn't
anyone say something ? ... did others get the same impression about
rst's work as I did ?. Come on people, if you want to be part of this
group, collaborate !.

end of rant.

That said, and after looking at the code and trying (for a few minutes)
it looks great, and I've no objection to switching to it.

If we'd switched earlier, we'd be in much better shape now. The code
would have had a much broader testing.. e.g. one of the first random
URLs I clicked on exposed a minor problem that'll need fixing.

> regard this as a vote of no confidence in your work on 0.7, robh - if 
> anything it's been fun watching you shove an elephant down the eye of a 
> needle :)  

I've learned a few things, but would much rather not have done
all that work and all those 0.7.2/3 revisions knowing what I know now.

rob ... not a happy camper.

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