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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: Shambhala
Date Fri, 30 Jun 1995 18:20:44 GMT
We ( are launching for test on BSDI with 0.7.3k.
I will look at Linux issues at home over the holiday, as well as some of
my own concerning server push that are separate from Apache 0.7 as far as I
can see. I remember some oddities first time I tried a Linux build with
0.7.3(x), so I need to retry with current source. I can't guarantee when I
can get Solaris time for 0.7.3k work, but I have a feeling I can steal some
on 7/3-4. I'll try to do the accept() serializer then.

We start in-house testing of our service using 0.7.3k today, and will be live for test on the net in one week. For now,
there's still an 0.6.5 placeholder page up. Beta is scheduled to end on
7/31, and we will go live then. Our load should not be too impressive
until sometime in August, though, so I hesitate to commit my current
BSDI config data until then, unless I can find something really important
in the meantime.

If you or anyone you know want to bang on our site, it will in fact be on
port 8088 in one week. Port 80 will remain a placeholder page until we
really come up live. Expect weirdness during this time unrelated to Apache.

We are also scheduled to write a log tunneler for apache using named pipes
and syslog at some point Real Soon Now. We chose this approach because of
its generic nature and the current layout of logging within Apache. We will
likely embed this capability in Apache later, having done so for the CERN
server already. That change will come later, when things here settle down
a bit.

I've also been thinking about (f)lex-driven config file parsing, but that's
an unknown as to when I can do it.

Rob Hartill liltingly intones:
> ... Shambala issues...
> Feature development on Apache 0.7 has been static. I don't remember
> anyone reporting that they were working on any ideas/code. There's
> a few suggestions in the bugs mailbox that the group should look at.
> Did anyone write an accept serializer for Solaris ? it's a trivial
> thing to do with filelocking, but we need someone who uses Solaris
> to write and test it (that should limit the number of compatibility
> problems that could arise if someone tried to write it for Solaris
> but not on a Solaris machine).
> 0.7.3k looks very stable on the platforms that are running it. I've
> had it running at Cardiff in various versions for 3 or four weeks,
> with well over a million (cgi-biassed) requests served, there haven't 
> been any reports of problems, it only needs a nightly SIGHUP to rotate
> logfiles. Brian's got it running on (and elsewhere ?). My 
> quiet HPUX system is running it, so that's another OS we know works.
> Any news if 0.7.3 works with Linux ?, if not are there any debugging
> clues to point us in the right direction ?
> So who in this list is testing 0.7.3 ?, do we need to bring in testers
> from outside of the list ?
> rob

Chuck Murcko	Telebase Systems, Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
Things will be bright in P.M.  A cop will shine a light in your face.

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