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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Shambhala
Date Fri, 30 Jun 1995 09:44:57 GMT

so what's the situation regarding Shambhala and Apache, are those of
you who have switched to it giving up on Apache and this project ?
If so, do you need a separate list to discuss Shambhala ?

Rob Thau, do you plan to release and support Shambhala by yourself ?,
it looks like that's the plan, if so I wish you luck. If not, how
is this going to relate to the Apache project ?


Feature development on Apache 0.7 has been static. I don't remember
anyone reporting that they were working on any ideas/code. There's
a few suggestions in the bugs mailbox that the group should look at.
Did anyone write an accept serializer for Solaris ? it's a trivial
thing to do with filelocking, but we need someone who uses Solaris
to write and test it (that should limit the number of compatibility
problems that could arise if someone tried to write it for Solaris
but not on a Solaris machine).

0.7.3k looks very stable on the platforms that are running it. I've
had it running at Cardiff in various versions for 3 or four weeks,
with well over a million (cgi-biassed) requests served, there haven't 
been any reports of problems, it only needs a nightly SIGHUP to rotate
logfiles. Brian's got it running on (and elsewhere ?). My 
quiet HPUX system is running it, so that's another OS we know works.

Any news if 0.7.3 works with Linux ?, if not are there any debugging
clues to point us in the right direction ?

So who in this list is testing 0.7.3 ?, do we need to bring in testers
from outside of the list ?


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