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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Apache 0.7: too many processes
Date Mon, 26 Jun 1995 12:28:59 GMT
> On Mon, 26 Jun 1995, David Robinson wrote:
> > So I would suggest that is is essential that apache adapt the number of
> > daemons to the varying connection load.
> Then what's the difference between that and 0.6.5?
> One suggestion has been (and I think this is what NCSA 1.4 and Netsite do) is
> to start with "x" servers, and when all servers are being used and a new
> request comes in fork a short-lived one-request-service child, up to "y"
> possible children total.  I don't know if that's possible without serializing
> requests though.... what's a *real* solution is to distinguish between
> short-lived responses and long-lived responses, so that 10 people downloading
> a 6 meg MPEG movie from your site over a 14.4 modem don't swamp your 
> 10-child server.  Any ideas?

It should be possible for the child to signal the parent  to effectively
say, "hey, I've just been asked to send this file which is bigger than X.
Start a new child to replace me, and I promise to exit when I'm done"

However, if X is chosen to be too small, this degenerates into a
forking model.


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