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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject problem shooting
Date Fri, 23 Jun 1995 16:53:59 GMT

Could those of you who see problems with 0.7.3 please compile
with -g then use your debugger to find out where the thing is
crashing...  in gdb, say "where".

I've had 0.7.3 running at Cardiff under SunOs for a few days now..
and nearly all the 40 children process their maximum 60 requests
before dying. Those which do exit early, do so intentionally after
a timeout or broken connection.

It's not running the latest SIGCHLD code (new today), so I don't know
about zombies - but there are only 2 of them after about a day.

Load today was ~85k hits... which is lower than past weeks 'cos the
sysadmin last week split the www load over two machines, so now the
stats only cover the movie database requests.. but they look set to
climb back and soack up the spare capacity.


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