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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: found it!
Date Tue, 20 Jun 1995 23:09:12 GMT
> Okay, file desciptors leak when
> a) the parent is sent a kill -HUP, and the children respawn - there is 
> suddenly another fd pointing to the main access log in each child.  I 
> have cron send a kill -HUP to the parent every 15 minutes to refresh the 
> children - over time (like clockwork! :) this was increasing the number 
> of fd's.  Only kill -9 on the parent frees these.
> b) a connection is "lost" - in netscape, this when one page is being 
> accessed and you jump to another page before it's loading.  Netscape must 
> do a different type of disconnect in this circumstance than when you hit 
> the stop button, which doesn't cause an fd leak.
> The first is the most important one to squish.  I'll try looking for 
> that, hopefully someone who knows the code better will beat me to it :)

I don't remember the code, but I think in 0.7.2 a "lost" or "timed out"
connection doesn't kill the child. In 0.7.3 the child hits exit(0);
So the problem *should* go away.
To fix 0.7.2 throw in an exit(0) in "send_fd_timed_out"

I'm having great fun (not) fixing bugs on a live server at Cardiff..
the connection to the UK is slow (what's new), and the only way I can
start a new server is with a reboot command the sysadmin gave me in case
of emergencies :-)
God knows what the users think is going on... when a big problem occurs,
every connection can SIGSEGV, so first they get a series of empty
documents, then the server just disapears for 5 minutes...

I'll be at 0.7.3z by the end of the night :-)


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