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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: 0.7.2k and an idea
Date Mon, 19 Jun 1995 17:38:31 GMT
> Perhaps another way to accomplish this given the current framework woudld 
> be to have apache parse .asis files for Content-type and then act upon 
> them if it sees any magic mime types.  Would sort of hurt the efficiency 
> of asis files, but since that's the cleanest way we have of attaching 
> metainfo right now anyways.....

but that doens't solve the problem I was trying to address, that of
wanting to change the type of an existing URL.

foo.html is well established, so I can't have a foo.asis for it.
A map file would let me say, "foo.html" is obsolete, use "foo.asis"
instead, but the real beauty of all this for us with Apache, is that
we can say, "foo.html" is obsolete, use "foo" instead.. and let the
multiviews/cn do the dirty work of picking the appropriate file. This
would let everyone migrate to content-type-free URLs, while still
supporting the old external links, and the migration would be transparent
and painless to everyone.

In terms of XBITHACK, the map file would have a list of well established
.html (+x bit) filenames which no longer exist, and ideally, they'd
map to extensionless filenames, which multiviews would use to pick a
.shtml file, which apache would parse. One could also have a .shtml+
to parse the HTML and send a last_modified too.


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