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From Brandon Long <>
Subject Re: 0.7.2k and an idea
Date Mon, 19 Jun 1995 22:21:25 GMT
Last time, Robert S. Thau uttered the following other thing:
>    From: Rob Hartill <>
>    Date: Mon, 19 Jun 95 8:50:19 MDT
> Rob proposes the following...
>    Given a URL, say   x/y/z/foo.html,  after Apache finds its way to the
>    directory x/y/z/, it looks for a special map file, x/y/z/ which
>    could contain things like
>    foo.html/foo.shtml                  ( '/' is the onle safe char to use)
>    logo.gif/logo
>    index.html/index.asis
> that before Apache goes any futher, it does a mapping on the filename.
>    In the example above, my 'foo.html' is changed to 'foo.shtml' so that it
>    can have includes. 'logo.gif' is changed to 'logo' so that multiviews or
>    content-neg can pick the best type. 'index.html' becomes an '.asis' so it
>    can redirect somewhere else.
> It seems simpler to just put the content-type in the map file,
> with the MIME type in the map file, if present, overriding the one
> which would be deduced from name suffixes.  WN users seem to like it ;-).
> Of course, WN takes the whole scheme one step farther, by refusing to
> serve any file which *isn't* in the map file for the directory.
> Incidentally, the two obvious things to use as a syntax for these
> files are either the WN syntax, or perhaps the current Apache map file
> syntax --- NB the WN syntax has more users at this point.

Or, maybe not (though this is obviously incomplete):
Our crawler has found about 220 apache servers, and about 26 WN servers.

Of course, that doesn't mean all of the apache servers are using the
map files, while all of the WN servers are.

I'm sorry to say that NCSA 1.1 comes out over Apache at 315 sites.


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