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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject BSDI, FreeBSD, Solaris...
Date Fri, 16 Jun 1995 00:54:54 GMT
I've got some builds done here, and a few things to fix but here's some
preliminary info on a few different OSs:

FreeBSD 2.0/0.7.2j running 4 servers

I've beat on this pretty hard with some simple-minded clients. No
zombies or orphaned children so far. My home box, on a baby net.
Hardware: 486DX2-80

BSDI 2.0/0.7.2j running 2 servers

My desktop box at work. No problems so far, not much time to beat on this.
Unfortunately, no bloody RAM in the machine, either.
Hardware: 486DX2-66

BSDI 2.0/0.7.2j running 30 servers

This machine goes out on the net tonight as our "placeholder" box. We go
up for testing in a couple of weeks, and (egads!) might be running 3, yes,
3 servers on that box (see below). This will be the first BSDI I have to see
any real traffic.
Hardware: P5/60

BSDI 2.0/0.7.2j running 30/50 servers (2 ports)

This box will start our service testing on or about 7/1. It looks to run a
30 server daemon at port 80, a 10 or so server Netsite commerce server at
443 (still trying to get another box in here for that) and a 50 server
daemon at some high port number (my perverse streak says 8088). It's up
and running now in a simple 50 server configuration; no problems with only
light traffic in-house so far. How much RAM does this box have, you say?
Well, it's name is....godzilla. This machine and others like it will
end up as our service front-ends up to around T3 link speed here, and I
am looking into some load-balancing tricks to do with gangs of apache
Hardware: P5/60

Solaris 2.3/0.7.2j running 4 servers, initial test

Children die as fast as the root server can fork 'em. I have to take a look
at the prefork speedups when I get off the critical path here, perhaps a
week or so.
Hardware: 2x75MHz SPARC 20.

Solaris 2.3/0.6.5

Runs fine, so far. We'll be beating up on this pretty well for in-house
testing starting tomorrow, so I'll have more info then. Same machine as
Hardware: 2x75MHz SPARC 20.

There's another fellow here also looking into Linux operation and also adding
syslog capabilities to the server. He's had some troubles getting 0.7.2j up,
so I referred him to the earlier mail on the subject, and also pointed him
to 0.6.5 as a stopgap 'till he has a bit of time to play.

We also have 2.4 Solaris here that I can test on later.

All in all, very excellent work so far. I'll be back in the weeds until
I have more concrete info for the list.

Chuck Murcko	Telebase Systems, Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:
Pascal, n.:
	A programming language named after a man who would turn over in
his grave if he knew about it.

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