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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: dead children left and right
Date Mon, 12 Jun 1995 16:43:43 GMT
I've been busy with other things today. more on that in a subsequent

> Doesn't fix it, but commenting it out does :-)
> Why is default_host.document_root being freed anyway?

so that if it is being set in a previous life, we don't waste
the space it points at. If the ptr has a non-NULL value, it
suggests that it is pointing at something... but what ?

> Now that I have a functioning version of 0.7.2, I can start making 
> changes based on some that I have done locally.  What is the procedure 
> for submitting/applying patches?

the procedure we used for 0.6.x was that you'd upload documented 
patches to
(via ftp... you might want to talk to Brian about getting an
account there if you plan to upload lots of patches, otherwise
put them in /incoming and announce that to the list)

Use  (submit) to get a
unique ID for the patch.

name the patch file something like   B123_head_fix.txt

where B123 is the ID , and the "head_fix" is a reminder of what the
patch contains.

Create a patch with diff -C3 file.orig file

Rob Hartill                  

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