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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Apache 0.7.2h on Cardiff soon.
Date Fri, 09 Jun 1995 19:19:17 GMT

We might get 0.7.2h running at Cardiff this weekend. I just
setup a copy at, with 5 children, and it
didn't fall over (it should still be there now). The network into 
and out of the UK's accademic network is flakey, so I couldn't 
bombard it with normal requests too quickly. I hit >700 different 
URLs there, a mixture of icons, cgi, plain HTML, XBITHACK html, 
directory listings, hostname protected dirs...

I expect it to be switched on at at the weekend -
monday at the latest, then I think it can stay on permanently.

Cardiff runs SunOs on a Sparc 5 and gets ~125,000 hits on a good
network day...   200k here we come.

If you play with the server on :8123, beware of reloads and missing /
redirects, the server announces itself as, which is
on another machine... that gave me a fright for a while.

Rob Hartill                  

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