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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Logging changes in 0.7.2f
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 21:02:35 GMT

> Oh...Duh. (sorry)
> Nothing is being written to the specified files. Nor is it
> being written to the "default" access_log.  This seemed to be working
> fine in 0.7.2d.  I'll restart things and verify the problem.
> One other thing. After some children have been respawned to replace
> older ones, killing the parent will not take the children down with
> it. I have to kill each separately.

I always shutdown with "kill -15" (SIGTERM).  The parent then
kills the children one by one.

> > I just finished removing all (I hope) the file parameters that were
> > being used in almost every routine.
> Just for my edification, why did you do that?

'cos they were being passed from routine to routine at an alarming
rate and often the name would change as it moved from one routine
to another. Only a small number of the routines made any use of the
files, but they had to keep passing them on to the next routine just
in case that one decided to use a file.

The file info now follows the request in the prds.

I also added a pile of ()s to keep -Wall happy.

> This thing is noticibly faster!

...the trouble with fast things, is that they crash faster.

Rob Hartill                  

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