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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Logging changes in 0.7.2f
Date Thu, 08 Jun 1995 20:31:34 GMT
> Rob, some major changes in http_log.c seemed to have broken logging
> for virtual hosts. It appears that you are *very* familiar with this
> code. :-)  Any idea what might have broken this?

What's broken ?

I just did a quick test with localhost and it behaved as expected
with both error and access logs

> BTW - I like the pace you are moving with this. Could you please
> post a snipit regarding the changes you are making between version
> changes?

I just finished removing all (I hope) the file parameters that were
being used in almost every routine.

I pounded the result from another local machine with 10,000 connections.
(15 children, 20 requests max each)
All appeared to work without a hitch. The server load was >0.5, while the
client was at 30.
The nice thing was that I was able to browse my web pages during the
test with no noticable delay.

Rob Hartill                  

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